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The Vision

In an effort to make the orphanage and elder center more sustainable, Rinpoche and his students developed a project aimed at providing long-term food contribution to the orphanage through an orphanage-owned yak farm. The Dharma Tara Yak Farm is managed free of charge by a local businessman in Tibet and is providing the orphans and elders with dairy products - the main part of diet in Tibet. Yaks purchased for the orphanage and elder center will never be killed for meat. Between 50-70 yaks are needed to provide for the 180 orphans and elders. Any excess dairy products will be in the future sold for purchase of other food articles for the orphanage. Khenchen Rinpoche is very hopeful about this project because it will provide for the orphans and elders as well as help sustain the traditional way of care for yaks. With recent changes in Tibet, increasing numbers of yaks are being raised for meat and slaughtered in a cruel way.

Progress Report

To launch the project, one of Khenchen Rinpoche's students donated funds for the first 15 yaks in May 2008. Funds for additional 5 yaks were donated by Rinpoche's Chinese students. Most recently, Rinpoche's students from the Dharmakirti College in the USA made a donation for purchase of additional 5 yaks. The herd has currently 42 yaks because 7 baby yaks have been born since May 2008 and this number will grow every year (see picture below). We are very grateful to those who contributed to this project so far! Thanks to your support the start of the project has been a great success!

Yaks 2008

Current Needs of the Yak Farm

Rinpoche with baby yaks

Funds are currently needed for two workers who are in charge of the daily care for the yaks - this amounts to about $1800 per year. We will also appreciate any funds for purchase of additional yaks planned for Spring 2010. The cost of one yak is $200 in spring and it is slightly more in early summer. Please, consider donating to this worthy project. If you would like to receive a newsletter about progress of the Dharma Tara Yak Farm issued twice a year, please, send an e-mail to awamfoundation@live.com.