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Ho Family

A simple couple, Sunny Ho and Emily Chan, are both born and native to Klang town in the state of Selangor in Malaysia . Being a Malaysian Chinese, both Sunny and Emily were exposed to both the Buddhist and Taoist teachings from early age, passed down from parents but the teachings were never taken up seriously then. Buddhist philosophy was never really a thought in the mind, never in depth, and the thought of as long as we were kind at heart and no bad things were done, that is Buddhism. This simple understanding of Buddhism was also taught in school history and was also taught as a religion then. Compared to now, Buddhism is no more a religion but a philosophical teaching of mental health and life.

Both Sunny and Emily were introduced to Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche back in the late year of 2005. With the introduction, after a few meetings, the perception of life and the teaching of Buddha took a turning point. Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche teachings, thoughts and especially his love for his orphanage, have inspired this couple to take up the opportunity to help when life still allow, and hopefully improve their own life as well. This has also created a very close relationship with Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche.

Sunny Ho (Paldan Namjal) is a graduate from University of Southwestern Louisiana in Lafayette , Louisiana , United States of America , holding a degree in Electrical Engineering. Although a graduate in Electrical Engineering, Sunny actually started his working career in the telecommunication field and has many years of experiences in designing and rolling out cellular and wireless networks. Still venturing in the telecommunication field, he is now a solution services person trying to help and create solutions to solve network problems. He has never pronounced that he is an expert in anything, for he knows that everyday is another day for learning. A person who listens and thinks logically, and that is why he is also capable of creating solutions to various problems, from technology base to everyday human related issues.

Emily Chan (Yeshi Chosdon) is a self groom entrepreneur. Started working in 1989 for a small company, and later was named as part owner of the company, where the company deals with retailing and distributing dried package foods, tit-bits, biscuits and many more. Although a small company, yet the challenges are great for doing businesses are tough nowadays. A kind hearted person and always thinking of others, even though sometime not within ones means.

Basically the aim of Sunny and Emily were very simple, to help the unfortunate, for love was precious and “HEART” was the root to everything. There are many suffering in the world and money might not solve the suffering, but eventually they believe time, love and heart will help solve it. Getting to know Khenchen Pachimba Dorje Rinpoche, all these became more eminence, coupled with well practices of Buddhist contemplative traditions to possess a wealth of knowledge that can be of great benefit to human well-being and also to enhance the understanding of the deepest questions about life. Although there are still many questions left to be answer in this strange world of ours, eventually we will all get there.

Help us to help yourself and the world to be a better place.