Manjushri When Khenchen Lama Rinpoche started the orphanage, one of the main priorities was to make sure that orphans receive the best education available in the area. To this aim, arrangements were made to cover the basic educational needs for the orphanage. Currently, there are four teachers: 2 monks from a near monastery and 2 local teachers. The curriculum focuses on reading and writing in Tibetan language, Tibetan history and culture, basic algebra, and Chinese language. The orphans also receive basic instructions on meditation practice.

Khenchen Rinpoche's strong wish is that the curriculum would in the future include English language, basics of Tibetan medicine, arts and literature. AWAM Foundation also aims to establish a scholarship fund that would enable the most talented children from the orphanage to gain further education at the college level. It is envisioned that as a part of the application process for the scholarships, interested students from the orphanage would develop projects of further benefit for the orphans and elders. If you would like to contribute to this aspect of the activities of AWAM Foundation, please contact us at