Elders listening to Rinpoche's teaching The category of basic needs for orphans and elders includes their food and clothing. Even though it takes only $10 per month per person to provide the basic food articles for orphans and elders, this adds up to $1800 to be raised every month. Despite kind support of Khenchen Rinpoche's students from Malaysia, Singapore, and the USA, covering this amount each month has become more and more challenging. To make the orphanage and elder house more sustainable, Rinpoche, together with his students and a local businessman in Tibet, came up with an initiative to purchase yaks for the orphanage and elder center. The Dharma Tara yak farm was established in spring 2008 and has been providing milk and dairy products that are an essential part of Tibetan diet since then. Even though this initiative cut cost of the basic needs by about 30%, it will take additional 2 years until the yak farm can provide all of the dairy product needs for the orphanage and elder center. Hence, there is an ongoing need to cover the food expenses. Regular monthly donations of any amount are especially helpful in this regard.

In addition to groceries, there is also the need for clothing for orphans and elders. Donations for this purpose are most needed in late October to prepare for the harsh winter conditions.